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With the aim of supporting mental health in workplaces comes a webinar hosted by an Able Futures Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant. This session will cover how managers can lead with compassion to advocate a positive mental space for employees. Able Futures deliver the Access To Work Mental Health Support Service in England, Scotland and Wales on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions.


Able Futures knows that mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety can lead to having some bad days. Things such as stress or bereavement can also impact our mental health and sometimes mean that we struggle at work and don’t feel able to cope with everyday life. If you live with mental health difficulties you know there are up days but there are down days too. You also know that those down days can really affect you at work- you might find it hard to focus, or maybe struggle to perform at your best. All in all, mental health has a huge effect on your productivity at work, no matter the specifics. The aim of Able Futures is to help you enjoy more good days and enable employers to be actively supporting mental health in workplaces.


As an employer you can sign up to promote the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service to your apprentices and receive a comprehensive range of support for free. Every apprenticeship provider that registers for the service receives a toolkit, a free training resource full of helpful dos and don’ts, access to webinars and information sessions on mental health at work. Along with access to qualified professionals to help you help your apprentices. You gain resources and guidance on the latest topics for supporting people with their mental health at work. Knowledge you can access at any time. 



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