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Business Support

At Launchpad, we are your ultimate entrepreneurial partner in success. With our innovative sustainable workspace and expert guidance, we are dedicated to helping you soar at every stage of your journey.

Whether it’s connecting you to the right people, reviewing your business strategy, or directing you towards available investment opportunities, we’re here to lend a helping hand. And in addition to our extensive resources, we will also introduce you to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about success, just like you. With Launchpad, you are never alone in your pursuit of success.

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Meet Our Business Growth Manager

Ready to take your business to the next level? Meet Jacqui Stimpson, our Business Growth Manager, who's an expert in driving growth and innovation for start-ups and SMEs.

Jacqui and the Launchpad team offer personalised 1-2-1 business coaching – completely free of charge – to help you turn your ideas into income. Get expert guidance on strategic business planning, marketing strategy, financial planning, fundraising and more, and launch your business into the stratosphere.

Launch & Grow Your Business

Looking to take your business to new heights? Team up with our skilled business strategists to expand your team, explore new opportunities, and achieve sustained success.

We understand the challenges of balancing growth with management, from nurturing talent to planning for innovation. That’s why we’re here to provide a holistic approach to help you develop and execute strategies in all these essential areas. Let’s work together to create a customised roadmap for your business’s growth and unleash its full potential.

Access to Tools

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Oxford Innovation has developed GROWTHmapper™ to help high growth businesses achieve their ambitions. This digital diagnostic tool consolidates over 20 years’ experience of nurturing successful high growth businesses and is used to model your business across multiple areas for future strategic growth.

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Beauhurst is a searchable database of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses, along with the funds and accelerators that back them.

Oxford Innovation Space has a subscription to the Beauhurst platform, which allows us to track 32,000+ companies across the country, from early-stage start-ups to established scaleups.

Using Beauhurst we can find comprehensive information on sources of funding and grants.

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Leading Edge Only

Oxford Innovation Space has an exciting partnership with Leading Edge Only (LEO), the world’s largest Global Innovation Platform.  Operating in over 120 countries, LEO connects innovative fast-growth start-ups & scale-ups to corporations seeking the latest innovative technologies, products, services or expertise – corporates such as IBM, Fujitsu & Walgreens Boots Alliance.

This is a free service for those customers who are seeking to get their solutions and expertise in-front of major corporations.

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Oxford Innovation Space is one of 160 official Amazon Web Service Partners worldwide, which means that you may be able to benefit from free support packages. This can include up to $25,000 of AWS credits.

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Start an exciting journey that will push boundaries, disrupt your sector, and provide your business with the runway it needs. Discover workspace like no other at Launchpad.

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Connect & Make Great Things Happen

As a member of Launchpad, you'll have access to our vast network, providing tremendous benefits for your business.

You’ll receive exclusive invitations to in-house and partner-led events and development sessions. Plus, we’ve already established relationships with companies you want to connect with, so we can fast-track introductions. With Launchpad and the wider Oxford Innovation network, working together creates incredible opportunities for success.

Join a workspace that helps you realise your potential. Join the innovators and entrepreneurs at Launchpad.

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